Saturday, June 30, 2012

As this 1000 Day 'Ferocious Effort' practice draws to a close, I look back upon a long period of time in which my practice has matured and deepened, but during which I also recognize mistakes and false attempts in my practice.

As the practice deepened, I found that I had less and less to say about the process... and felt my focus turn more and more toward the actual practice... the actual moment.

It seemed to me that in the 'speaking about' of the practice... I tore the universe in two.... and in the actual mindful practice itself... I dissolved into the practice.

Much has changed. Much remains the same.

Although our sitting group continues to practice regularly, and despite the fact that the monastics ( of which I am one.. ) will likely be teaching/leading a Buddhist Studies Group at a local state university in the fall... I am realizing that my practice tends more towards an eremetic (i.e., hermetic) practice and that I seem to benefit from solitude and solo contemplative practice.

Comings and comings... goings and goings... not a single thing beneath the sky remains unchanged... and this, too, will likely pass and change with time...

As for me... I shall continue with my practice... here at the center... in stillness... sitting like a tiger pouncing.

Yours in the Dharma,

Bu-Gohn Unsui

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