Sunday, July 15, 2012

Returning to the Source

Now that the 'Ferocious Practice' has come to a close, my experiment with a non-formal and non-traditional practice is at an end.   While practice without the formal shape and trappings of traditional meditative practice was beneficial in some ways, i.e., the 'bare bones' practice made possible by stripping away all of the 'bells & whistles' and leaving me alone with only my mind to observe... I think that it was in equal parts, perhaps, a misguided exercise in arrogance/hubris. 

As it turns out, I cannot improve upon the traditional practice, though it was helpful to me to learn this firsthand (as I tend to learn most things... sometimes to shocking effect!).

I therefore return to my traditional, formal practice.


( no surprises there, I am sure.. lol )

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